Randuin’s Omen and Thornmail are about to combine into one scary item

ADCs will have a difficult time dealing with this powerful armor item.

Image via Riot Games

If you’ve ever wondered what would happen when combining the crit-damage reduction from Randuin’s Omen with the damage return from basic attacks of the Thornmail, we’d call you a sadist. Unfortunately for ADCs, that may be exactly what’s coming next to League of Legends.

Item change after item change has been rolling through the PBE, League’s player testing environment, over the past few days in preparation for the biggest patch of the season so far. Patch 7.9 will bring with it the mid-season update, which has traditionally been the patch that Riot uses to implement huge changes for the last time until the pre-season. This year looks to be no exception.

So far, we’ve seen a seemingly endless list of changes to both the tank and ADC arsenals of items. There will also be some big champion reworks shipping with Patch 7.9, including updates to Sejuani, Maokai, and Zac.

The change that shipped to the PBE yesterday, though, is definitely one of the largest item changes so far. In fact, the change is so extreme that we’re not sure how likely it is to make it through the PBE and into the live game.

The change in question is to two of League’s staple tank items: Randuin’s Omen and the Thornmail. Randuin’s Omen was already the target of some potential changes. A few days ago, a PBE update removed the crit-damage reduction from it completely and increased the slow amount on its active. We questioned whether or not this change was smart, because it essentially turned Randuin’s into a less-efficient Dead Man’s Plate for tanks that want to chase down victims.

Riot may have felt the same way, because as of yesterday the crit-damage reduction has returned to Randuin’s Omen. Surprisingly, it’s also been increased by five percent to a total of 15 percent. That’s pretty awesome, but that’s not all that Randuin’s is getting for Christmas.

The cost of Thornmail has been lowered to only 1,200 gold, and it is now a build component for the Randuin’s. What’s more, Randuin’s keeps the effects of the Thornmail when it is fully built. That means that it will not only offer reduction to critical strike damage, but it will also return damage equal to 15 percent of your armor back to the attacker on basic attacks. This damage doubles for critical strikes.

If you thought being an ADC was scary before, just wait until this goes live. You won’t be able to auto-attack a tank with this item without taking some serious flak. Oh, and R.I.P. Yasuo.

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