Rammus player wins duel without attacking in League solo queue game

Sometimes, all you have to do is stare down the enemy.

Image via Riot Games

One League of Legends player managed to win a duel against an enemy player without attacking or casting an ability.

In a clip posted earlier today, a Rammus player chased an enemy Vayne through their base, forcing the Vayne player to engage them in a one-vs-one scenario. But the Rammus player activated Defensive Ball Curl (W), which increases Rammus’ armor and magic resistance, as well as allowing him to return a percentage of damage he receives from basic attacks back to his attacker.

Additionally, the Rammus player rolled up to the encounter buffed by four Mountain Drakes and a Mountain Soul, giving them a 24-percent bonus to their armor and magic resistance. 

In this scenario, Rammus’ W was used to counter Vayne’s auto attacks. The squishy AD carry eventually was receiving more damage from Rammus’ W than they were actually dealing. At one point, the Vayne player activated Final Hour (R) to try and increase their throughput and out-damage the Rammus’ armor threshold, but it was a futile effort. The more damage Rammus receives, the more damage he’ll throw back. 

By the time the Vayne player got off nine auto attacks against the tanky Rammus, they were already dead.  

To make matters even more embarrassing for the Vayne player, they had just seen the Rammus player delete all four of their teammates with the same strategy in a lopsided teamfight that they were absent for. If the Rammus player had acted a bit faster and made their way toward the Vayne with a bit more haste, they could have potentially secured a one-vs-five pentakill.

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