Qiyana, League’s newest champion, releases on June 28

Patch 9.13 will be a mega patch for League.

Image via Riot Games

While the hype around League has revolved around Teamfight Tactics for the past two weeks, the game’s newest champion, Qiyana, will be released on June 28. This comes three days after the release of Patch 9.13, the biggest patch League has seen for quite some time. 

The AD assassin should shake up the meta by providing a bunch of utility with invisibility, slows, and stuns. Using the elements to empower her basic abilities, Qiyana will be incredibly powerful in river skirmishes, where she can use all the elements on the map effectively in her combos.

She’s also not a pure assassin, focusing on getting picks before a fight breaks out. She can also find power in a bruiser-style build with Trinity Force and Sterak’s Gage. This allows her to thrive in more extended trades with her low mana costs and cooldowns without being burst down.

While she will hit the Rift in just a few days, she won’t feature in pro play until mid-to-late July. Until then, plenty of players will be picking her up to find her place in the top and mid lane metas, which has been stale for most of the 2019 season.