PSG set to attend Lyon Esport tournament

YellOwStaR and company are headed to Gerland, France.

Image via PSG

PSG Esports will be attending the Lyon Esport tournament beginning March 4, the organization announced on their official website.

This will be the first official appearance of the team at an event, as European challenger matches are not played out of the studio, but rather online, from the comfort of the team’s home.

The challenger series is still PSG’s main priority, the organization has said, but the Lyon Esport tournament has, “become one of the most known tournaments in France. For a team like PSG, it seemed quite important to be a part of it,” PSG said in their statement.

PSG said that the choice stemmed from allowing their players to play in a different environment and offers the chance for these players to gain some experience.

For more details, read the official announcement here.

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