4 November 2017 - 14:05

New PROJECT skins were potentially teased during the Worlds finals

New PROJECT merchandise will also be hitting Riot's Merch Store soon.
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New PROJECT skins could be on their way by the end of the month, based on a trailer that was revealed during the Worlds finals earlier today.

The trailer seems to point towards brand new skins that could be released after the preseason patch.

The community has been in an uproar since the announcement, with many Redditors jumping into the conversation on which champions could be receiving skins. Names such as Jhin, Vi, and Vayne have been thrown into the hat due to subtle audio and visual cues in the trailer.

Riot also plans to bring PROJECT merchandise to Riot's Merch Store on Nov. 7. Not much is currently known about what they'll offer, but chances are it'll be figures, t-shirts, and more.

Whatever PROJECT: HUNTERS is, we'll most likely hear more about it on Nov. 22.

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