League’s sandbox mode, Practice Tool, is finally here

Some of its most important features include practice dummies and console commands.

Image via Riot Games

The Practice Tool, League of Legends’ single-player practice environment, went live today after the release of Patch 7.3 on Wednesday.

Fans have been asking for a sandbox mode for years. Now, players can go in, mess everything up, practice anything they want, and, when they leave, it all gets reset. We covered the Practice Tool’s features in detail a few weeks ago, so now that it’s here let’s recap some of its most important features:

  1. It will be useful for everyone. Whether you’re practicing wall flashes, Lee Sin ward-hopping, farming, or anything else, the Practice Tool will come in handy
  2. You will be able to alter the game using console commands. Examples include:
  3. You can refresh cooldowns
  4. You can disable turrets
  5. You’ll be able to instantly max levels
  6. It will have practice dummies shaped like Teemo (ew)
  7. It will be extremely useful for testing new champions, abilities, champ updates, and more so you don’t have to waste time in a bot match to try out the new Warwick.

The Practice Tool will have a lot of uses, and we’re probably only scratching the surface. We’re sure players will find many more functions as time goes on. We’re also sure that some will be more useful than others. I don’t know how lighting the fuse on a chain of 15 barrels with Gangplank is useful for learning the game, but it sure looks cool!