League player reaches rank one in Korea with a 77-percent win rate on Taliyah bot lane

But how did he do it?

Image via Riot Games

Move aside Xayah, Miss Fortune, and Aphelios, Taliyah could be the next big thing in the bot lane. 

A player on the Korea League of Legends ladder named Park “Dalka” Myeong-joon reached rank one on the back of a 77-percent win rate with ADC Taliyah. He won a total of 27 games and lost just eight matches, allowing him to remain in pole position for almost a week. 

He’s since dropped down to rank 11, but his feat is impressive nonetheless. Korea is considered to have the most competitive ladder in the world, with top-ranking amateur players regularly getting swooped up into the LCK. But how was Dalka so successful with Taliyah?

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In season 10, traditional attack-speed ADCs have fallen out of favor. Caster ADCs, like Jhin, Miss Fortune, and Xayah, have been taking a higher priority. Taliyah doesn’t necessarily counter these champions, but her early game harass and wave clear potential make her a difficult opponent to handle. 

Dalka often queues up alongside a support champion with an engaging ability and hard crowd control, like Thresh, Leona and Nautilus. He makes the most of Taliyah’s Threading Volley (Q) and pushes his lane almost every single match. He uses his Q aggressively, chipping away at his enemies’ health bars and soaking up as much XP as possible. Once he hits level two, he goes for the kill, engaging with his support before reaping his rewards.

When Dalka picks up a kill, he roams with his support and actively looks to further snowball his lead. From there, it’s game, set, and match. Taliyah doesn’t perform exceptionally well in the late game, but in Dalka’s case, it rarely matters. The Korean ladder is notorious for its quick, sub-25 minute games and he uses this to his advantage.

Taliyah might not be common in competitive play, but she may just find her way into a match or two when the LCS, LEC, and LCK kick off.