11 July 2018 - 22:30

Patch 8.14 is going to be a big one for jungle champions

Changes are coming to Vi, Rek'Sai, Elise, Sejuani, and more.
Image via Riot Games

Wave after wave of massive changes have been pouring their way into League of Legends lately, but Patch 8.14 is going to be filled with the normal, week-to-week balance changes that we know and love.

Well, there's still crazy, over-the-top changes in that patch, but at least there's some normal stuff, too.

One of the larger sets of balance changes coming next week are for junglers. And we're not talking about huge pathing, gold, or experience changes, we're just talking about simple buffs and nerfs to champions that need them the most.

First on the list are Sejuani and Elise, mainly because their changes are the least impactful. Elise used to be the queen of everything in the foggy lands and rivers between the lanes, but she's been struggling for the last year or so. To attempt to help her out, Riot is buffing her, but not by much, because an OP Elise is very scary. Her health growth per level is being raised by eight, which means she'll have 144 more health by level 18, which is significant, but not too crazy.

Sejuani's changes are actually nerfs, despite her relatively low success recently in both solo queue and pro play. In yesterday's PBE update, some larger nerfs were pushed to her Permafrost and key abilities, but those were all reverted today and replaced by a very small nerf to her ultimate ability. Her empowered stun, the one triggered by throwing her Glacial Prison bola far enough, will now stun for 1.5 seconds, down from two.

Rek'Sai and Vi's changes are larger, and they're both buffs. Rek'Sai's burrowed and unburrowed Q will now scale 10 percent higher with her AD, and her ultimate ability, Void Rush, will scale 15 percent higher. She has some serious issues with falling off in the late-game, so these should help her in that regard. Vi's buff is a good ol' fashioned cooldown reduction on her ultimate. The cooldown is being dropped by 20, 15, and 10 seconds at ranks one, two, and three respectively, which means it's going to be available a lot more often early on.

Overall, we're fans of these changes aside from the Sejuani nerf, because again, she's already pretty weak. Elise, Vi, and Rek'Sai should all be in a better spot after Patch 8.14 next week, however.

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