Outstanding Azir ultimate leads to 3 simultaneous Flashes and a quadra kill

Great minds think alike.

Image via Riot Games

This bird’s got moves.

A League of Legends fan showcased a stellar outplay today using Azir’s ultimate. Despite being outnumbered, the player proved why making an aggressive play can pay off.

The enemy team saw a favorable four-vs-two matchup with the only obstacle being Azir’s turret. So the simple solution would be to destroy the tower and then focus their attention on the opponents. Well, Azir wasn’t going to make it that easy.

As the opposing team focused the tower, Azir went on the offensive. By using Shifting Sands (E) to close the gap, the savvy player had four surprised victims in front of them. Azir’s Emperor’s Divide (R) knocked the opposing team into the tower and dealt devastating damage.

In an effort to escape the carnage, three opponents had the same idea—Flash over Azir’s ultimate and run. But the simultaneous Flashes weren’t enough to break free from the Emperor of the Sands’ clutches.

The Azir player simply used his soldiers to land a couple more auto attacks before earning the coveted quadra kill.