Ornn player levels enemy team with ultimate to secure one-shot pentakill in ARAM game

Sound the horn, here comes Ornn.

Image via Riot Games

It took just one cast of Call of the Forge God (R) to secure a pentakill for an Ornn player in a League of Legends ARAM game. 

In a clip posted last night, a League player used just one ability to secure an easy and clean pentakill in an ARAM game. 

The player was piloting Ornn in the clip, and as a teamfight broke out under the enemy team’s outer turret, the Ornn player cast Call of the Forge God from way behind the five enemy players. As they cast their ultimate, the Ornn player couldn’t help but realize that the enemy team had lined up perfectly for the recast of the ability. 

The enemy Draven player, who was making an attempt to rush into the fight, was comically sideswiped by Ornn’s ultimate, while the other three players in the frontline of the encounter were all subsequently taken down by the hard-hitting recast of the ability. 

Just one player was left standing after the Ornn secured their quadra kill—an enemy Karthus player who was channeling Requiem (R) and had no choice but to stand still and absorb the damage from Ornn’s ultimate. 

Ornn is by no means a top-tier champion in ARAM. But with a modest win rate of 52 percent across all games, according to League stats site op.gg, Ornn is still a formidable pick in the game mode. 

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