Only 3 perfect Worlds 2019 Pick’ems remain heading into finals

The last hurdle approaches.

Image via Riot Games

One series now stands between three perfect League of Legends Worlds Pick’em players and the ultimate prize after the lucky three correctly predicted every matchup so far at Worlds.

Over four million players took part in Worlds Pick’em this year. Less than 0.0001 percent of the total participants have made the perfect streak so far, further proving that there might be psychics among our community.

Should they go the further mile and successfully predict the final, the League community will finally have someone who has earned the ultimate prize of Pick’em—all five ultimate skins, as well as the champions should they not own them already.

The number dropped from the 13 players that predicted the outcome of FPX vs. Invictus Gaming yesterday, meaning 10 unlucky players predicted SK Telecom T1 to win against G2 Esports today.

Only 3 correctly predicted G2 coming out on top and now move one step closer to their goal.

Only one match remains but who those three have picked to lift the Summoner’s Cup remains a mystery. The finals begin Nov. 10 at 6am CT.