Only 13 people are left with perfect Worlds 2019 Pick’Ems

RIP the dream for the few.

Image via Riot Games

Heading into the League of Legends World Championship semifinal series between FunPlus Phoenix and Invictus Gaming, only 34 fans boasted perfect Pick’em brackets. But with FPX’s victory today, that number has taken yet another dip.

FPX flexed on last year’s world champions with a 3-1 victory in the first semifinal of the weekend, leaving only 13 perfect Pick’ems in their wake. That’s right, over half of the original perfect players left have dropped out of the competition.

We are now into fine margins too, with 0.00027 percent of the overall player base proving that there could be psychics among us. The final 13 will need to have predicted who will win in tomorrow’s series between G2 Esports and SK Telecom T1, as well as who wins the final, to take home the grand prize.

Should any of the 13 make it that far, they will walk away with every Ultimate League skin on their account, including skins like Pulsefire Ezreal and DJ Sona.

But for those who failed to predict today’s result? Better luck next year.