All of Nunu’s skins are being redesigned for his update—here are our favorites so far

Monsters, Inc. Nunu? Monsters, Inc. Nunu.

Image via Riot Games

Nunu’s total redesign was officially revealed today through a gameplay trailer from Riot. You know what that means, right? Well, yeah, it does mean that an egregiously outdated champion will finally look like it belongs in League of Legends, but that’s beside the point.

The truly important part of the update, without a doubt, is that all of Nunu’s skins will be going through makeovers as well, in order to match the update, according to a tweet from a Riot staffer. While it’s possible that our priorities aren’t exactly in the right place, nothing was going to stop us from checking out the newly-revealed splash artwork of each skin and ranking them from worst to best.

Get ready for our unsolicited opinions, baby.

7) TPA Nunu

Image via Riot Games

This is easily our least favorite of the new splash artwork, simply because nothing changed at all. We know it’s hard to edit art that includes several different champions, but clearly it’s at least possible, because Riot made sure to add extra arms to Nunu’s Zombie skin.

This one, though, is just the same old TPA artwork with a slightly different kid on top of the yeti, as well as a furrier arm. Riot did actually add more arms to this one, but they’re so obscured by the point of view that you almost can’t see them at all.

6) Zombie Nunu

Image via Riot Games

There isn’t much to say about this one, because it’s mostly in the same boat as Nunu’s TPA skin. Barely anything has changed, but at least you can tell that his new arms are there.

5) Grungy Nunu

Image via Riot Games

We want to specify that we do think this skin is as adorable as it can get, despite its rather low ranking on our list. This skin has basically been transformed from a Sesame Street reference to a Monsters, Inc. reference, and it seems to work very well. The only reason we’ve docked it’s score is that it’s technically no longer grungy at all.

Grungy, by definition, means “dirty or grimy,” neither of which this plushy yeti is. It’s fine if you want to change the theme of the skin, but we think it should have been renamed to something a little more accurate to the new design. It’s possible that it’s being renamed, though. We just can’t confirm that yet, since the skins aren’t actually on the PBE to see for ourselves right away.

4) Demolisher Nunu

Image via Riot Games

So we know that Zombie Nunu is supposed to be Nunu and Willump’s horror movie skin, as zombies are often the target of scary entertainment. But honestly, we’re way more frightened by Demolisher. With the jagged teeth underneath the mouthpiece and the helmet obscuring Willump’s face entirely, this skin is going to give us some nightmares, and we’re okay with that.

3) Workshop Nunu

Image via Riot Games

We never knew just how badly we needed to see a big, fat, chubby Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer until just now. This is one of our favorites, mostly because it’s adorable, and with Willump’s new design, it just makes sense. He’s much fuzzier, and his antlers can easily be converted into reindeer antlers. The glowing red nose is just the icing on the cake, as far as we’re concerned.

2) Sasquatch Nunu

Image via Riot Games

Sasquatch Nunu almost made it to the top of this list just because of how different it is from the original. It appears to have turned the old Sasquatch skin, which was awkward and one of the duo’s worst skins, into an extremely cute rendition of what we think is Where the Wild Things Are.

1) Nunu Bot

Image via Riot Games

This skin is at the top of our list with two conditions. Willump has to make that horrifying monotone “Ha. Ha. Ha. Ha.” when he laughs, and he has to say “Yummy,” when he consumes something. If those voice lines are lost into the League graveyard with the old cursor and old client, we’d be forced to bump this down a spot. Otherwise, though, this makeover is our favorite.

It turns Willump into a big, cheery combat robot in what we assume is a futuristic demolition derby, and that’s something we can get on board with.