Nunu and Willump are ready to dish out ganks with this Pizza Delivery skin concept

Pizza rolls, anyone?

Image via Riot Games

If you’ve ever experienced a slow jungler that fails to deliver in clutch moments, fear no more. In this unique Pizza Delivery League of Legends skin concept by artist Kyle Hernandez, Nunu and Willump have been re-imagined as a delivery duo set to hand out as many hot and fresh ganks as they can.

The skin would be perfect for April Fools Day. Both Nunu and Willump are dressed in classic delivery driver attire, and they could also have several different chromas to boot. Although the costume design is relatively simple, the details shine through with his abilities.

Image via Kyle Hernandez

Nunu’s W, Biggest Snowball Ever, has been transformed from a snowball into a huge rolling pizza ball. His E ability, Snowball Barrage, has Nunu pelt his opponents with tomatoes instead of his normal snowballs, and his ultimate is a giant pizza area-of-effect underneath the boy and his yeti.

The artist said they were inspired to create this skin concept “since Nunu can go pretty fast when engaging in ganks, they would make the perfect team to deliver pizzas—in 30 minutes or less, of course.” Nunu is one of the best junglers when it comes to ganking, since it’s difficult to react in time once you see the champion barreling down the lane with a snowball.

Image via Kyle Hernandez

Some people also had great ideas for the skin’s chroma variants. For example, one fan suggested that each chroma should feature different pizza toppings for the pizza roll ability, as well as for Nunu’s ultimate. Sauce could go flying as an effect when most abilities make impact with a target, and Nunu and Willump could drop ingredients on the ground when they’re moving quickly.

Although we’ll have to wait until next April Fools’ Day, one can only hope for a pizza delivery skin for one of League‘s oldest and most beloved duos.