Next League skin shard now available to players via Prime Gaming

May the new year bring you luck with this mystery skin shard.

Image via Riot Games

Get ready to try your luck once more. Another League of Legends mystery skin shard is now available for Prime Gaming members.

This sixth free skin shard through Prime Gaming drops allows players to get a shard of any of the over 1,000 skins available in League—from the legacy 520 RP skins to the few yet majestic Ultimate cosmetics. But like with all skin shards, the item that you get with this drop can be one that you already have.

Once players log into their Twitch accounts, they should proceed to the Prime Gaming website to redeem this limited-time offer. It will then be automatically added to their connected League account once claimed. If a League account hasn’t been attached to the Prime Gaming account, it’ll prompt players to do so.

With all skin shards provided in League, players have the option to disenchant them into Orange Essence to turn other skin shards into permanent skins or take three skin shards and turn them into a random permanent skin. 

Other titles have also received new free content available via Prime Gaming, including games from Riot Games such as VALORANT and Legends of Runeterra. Players also have the opportunity to earn more skin shards in the Lunar Beasts event, which is now ongoing in League.

The next skin shard via Prime Gaming will be available on Feb. 25, with three more opportunities available in March. This drop only lasts for a week, so make sure to claim it for your chance at a rare (or common) skin.

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