New Zenith Games skins for Blitzcrank, Lee Sin, and Jayce, King Viego appear to be coming soon to League

Current maintenance on the game's PBE may have added new skins to the shop.

Image via Skin Spotlights on Twitter

Riot Games has supposedly pushed a handful of new skins to League of Legends’ PBE during its ongoing maintenance prior to an official reveal via its social media platforms. 

A new skin line known as “Zenith Games” is coming to League, according to Skin Spotlights on Twitter, depicting various champions competing in a futuristic sporting event. The first three champions joining this skin line are Blitzcrank, Lee Sin, and Jayce, and, if real, are expected to make their way into League’s in-game store in Patch 12.17.

Image via Skin Spotlights on Twitter

While Jayce’s splash art is not yet available, art for both Blitzcrank and Lee Sin place the two champions in steel garb complete with neon colorations. Blitzcrank stands on what appears to be a soccer field as a referee, breaking up a fight between players on opposing teams. Meanwhile, Lee Sin is pictured in some type of parkour competition complete with floating hexagonal platforms, kicking away the opposition.

Interestingly, Blitzcrank and Lee Sin both received sports-themed skins in the early years of League, depicting them as players in a soccer game. It is not clear if this new Zenith Games skin line is a reimagining of that, following what many other recent skin lines have done, or if this skin line depicts an entirely new universe that remains unexplored.

Image via Skin Spotlights on Twitter

Additionally, it appears that Viego will be receiving a skin known as “King Viego.” The splash art for this skin depicts the Ruined King in his non-corrupted form alongside Isolde, when the two led the kingdom of Camavor in peace. It is likely that this skin relates to the upcoming book, Ruination, which explores the events leading up to the spread of the Black Mist, though no details on if the skin is exclusive to purchasing the book or not have been revealed.

None of these four skins have been officially revealed by Riot, but the inclusion of splash arts and in-game models indicates that a reveal may be coming soon. Should these skins prove to be real, they are likely to release in Patch 12.17 and receive testing on the PBE imminently.