New Teamfight Tactics bug KO’s players after draw in URF Overtime mode

A stalemate might land you in the Defeat screen.

Image via Riot Games

Despite Teamfight Tactics success in the autobattler arena, Riot’s newest venture isn’t all rainbows and unicorns.

One streamer discovered a TFT bug in the Public Beta Environment (PBE) during his broadcast yesterday. The player, along with his opponent, took infinite damage when no winner was decided at the end of URF Overtime mode.

The player’s Kai’Sa was duking it out with the enemy Swain in an intense one-vs-one, but neither unit was able to land a finishing blow. This activated the URF Overtime mode, which speeds everything up for 15 seconds, to avoid a draw. When the units failed to kill each other, however, both players took insane damage and were knocked out from the match.

“Whoa,” the player said in shock. “What the fuck?”

Even though the player taking 22 damage may be believable, his opponent took 63 from the odd interaction.

URF Overtime was introduced in patch 9.16 because players would stalemate too often.

“We don’t like draws,” Riot communications strategist Blake “Beernana” Edwards said. “They aren’t fun. So now, 30 seconds in to every battle, URF Overtime kicks in and speeds things up for 15 seconds. Draws are still possible but there should be a lot less of them.”

It’s unclear if the bug is only in TFT’s PBE or if it’s made it to the live servers.

Riot has yet to acknowledge the bug, but it will likely be fixed in an upcoming patch if the interaction becomes more common.