League’s getting a new secret game mode called Clash, and it’s going to change everything

Players will be able to compete in in-game tournaments, bid to buy out other player rosters, and so much more.

Image via Riot Games

If you’ve ever wanted to live in a high stakes world of League of Legends tournaments, roster trades and buyouts, big prizes, and other player-run teams scouting out potential teammates, we’ve got great news for you.

There’s something huge coming to League, and it’s going to let you do all of that and more, emulating the world of the LCS for players of all ranks to take part in—and have a ton of competitive fun. This secret new feature is called Clash, and although we don’t know much about it yet, it looks really, really cool.

Clash was hinted at yesterday by Riot staffer Ben Forbes in a post on the official League forums, where he claimed this new team-based competitive mode was being tested in the Vietnam PBE server, and that it would remain obscure to the rest of the regions until testing was complete. This was in response to a bunch of new icons and other assets that arrived on the PBE yesterday but were only visible through data mining.

The assets appeared to be team logos of some kind, and that was all we were able to see. That is, until the rest of the League community got involved.

Today, a Reddit user tricked the PBE client into thinking they were part of the Vietnamese test region, and just like that, the entire feature became suddenly available to see. Tournaments, team scouting, and roster management are all accessible parts of this exciting new feature, and according to the full Imgur album of documented features, there’s even more to come.

Roster buyouts, bidding wars, huge rewards, and detailed team histories are also going to be part of Clash, according to the Reddit user, but they weren’t able to find them to test just yet. It’s possible that Riot is waiting to dish the rest out until this first wave of features is done testing, but we’ll only know for sure when they hit the PBE for real in the coming weeks.

This feature is a huge step for League, because it adds almost an entire new world of competitiveness and camaraderie, which has been sorely lacking since the removal of ranked five man teams nearly two years ago. For now, at least, this seems bigger and better than ranked fives ever were, so hopefully Clash can live up to the hype.