New League of Legends bug allows Rammus to travel from top lane to bottom lane in 6 seconds

These new jungle pathing changes are a bit out of hand.

Image via Riot Games

A new League of Legends bug is allowing Rammus to travel across the entirety of Summoner’s Rift in less than six seconds. 

Rammus received a rework to two of his abilities in Patch 11.8, Powerball (Q) and Soaring Slam (R), which was formerly known as Tremors before receiving an updated effect. The former of those two abilities, Powerball, is causing a relatively significant bug to Rammus and he’s able to use it to travel incredibly long distances by combining just a few other abilities. 

By activating Predator and Ghost prior to using Powerball, Rammus can obtain anywhere between 2,400 and 3,500 movement speed (depending on the player’s build path) to travel entirely across Summoner’s Rift throughout the ability’s duration. 

Considering Ghost and Predator are relatively easy to obtain, Rammus players can make the most out of this combination during the early stages of a given game. 

To replicate the bug, all you have to do is activate Predator, then activate Ghost, then finally activate Powerball. It’s important to activate Predator first, considering it will cancel Rammus’ Powerball channel and prevent him from rolling. 

Since Powerball scales with Rammus’ current movement speed, the added bonuses from Predator and Ghost will make his Q even more effective. And while the combination of Ghost and Predator is one that requires a good amount of dedication to movement speed, the ability to travel across the map in just six seconds is most likely an oversight. If this interaction can’t be classified as a “bug,” then it’s certainly a “problem,” at the very least. This issue is most likely caused by a multiplication error somewhere in the process of stringing the abilities together.

Rammus has yet to be disabled on the live servers because of this issue. Riot Games has not made any official comment on the status of this bug.

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