New Karthus bug lets you leave base before the barrier goes down in League of Legends

The Deathsinger can apparently go through walls.

Image via Riot Games

The latest League of Legends bug allows Karthus players to break through the spawn barrier and be the earliest bird to get the vision worm.

Streamer darkwinjax encountered the bug in his stream today when he was able to bypass the spawning barrier at the fountain.

As soon as the streamer spawned into Summoner’s Rift, he bought his items and used Karthus’ Lay Waste (Q) outside of the fountain. The interaction allowed him to leave spawn while all of his teammates were still stuck behind the barrier.

After being showered with a slew of “enemy missing” pings, the streamer responded to his teammates in the chat.

“Stay stuck in base hardstucks,” darkwinjax said.

Although the bug should clearly be fixed, the advantage a Karthus gains from breaking through is minimal. You’d be able to secure early vision in the enemy’s jungle, but with the rest of your teammates still in base, an invade wouldn’t be possible. If other players are able to replicate this bug on other champions, however, then this could potentially be a game-breaking issue.

Riot has yet to acknowledge the bug, but it’ll likely get fixed in an upcoming patch—especially with Worlds 2019 around the corner.