New Hextech Rammus and Dragon Oracle Udyr skins are hitting the League PBE

Udyr hasn't gotten a new skin since 2015.

Image via Riot Games

Udyr fans, the wait is finally over for a new skin because Riot Games has finally added a new Dragon Oracle Udyr skin to the League of Legends PBE. Alongside the new Udyr skin, Rammus is also being added to the Hextech skin line as well.

It ‘s been a long time since Udyr received a new skin—the last time Udyr got a skin was back in 2015 for that year’s April Fools Day event, called the Definitely Not Udyr. This skin, however, looks visually impressive and could be the cosmetic that many Udyr mains have been asking for.

The skin features four color changes to represent the four forms he can change into—his red form represents his Phoenix Stance, blue form represents his Bear Stance, green form for his Turtle Stance, and yellow form represents his Tiger Stance. His outfit changes as well and the scales on his armor transform too.

Image via Riot Games

Meanwhile, Rammus will be getting the Hextech treatment for his ninth skin. The last skin Rammus got was Sweeper Rammus back for the men’s World Cup in 2018. The Armordillo is decked out in armor and purple gems, while featuring six spikes on his back.

As a Hextech skin, players will probably only be able to acquire it through the lootbox system and through crafting materials. These skins are now available to test on the PBE, but they should be hitting live servers in the next couple of patches. Try them both out beforehand to see if you’ll shell out the RP for them when they officially release.