NA LCS Stats: Player Gold Proportions Relative to Role Averages

Introduction Which players earn the most gold on their teams relative to role averages? In the NA LCS, the average team gold breakdown is as follows.


Which players earn the most gold on their teams relative to role averages? In the NA LCS, the average team gold breakdown is as follows. The stats for this article include the results from all NA LCS 2015 spring split games thru week 7.


The above table shows you, for example, that ADC’s earn 24.40% of their team’s total gold on average. The roles that typically earn less than 20.00% tend to account for higher percentages in wins – due to the team earning more gold overall. As a team earns more gold and as game time increases, the three roles that typically earn less than 20.00% (jungle and support) earn higher percentages. Whereas the opposite tends to be true for ADC and mid.

I calculated each player’s average gold proportion for his team relative to his overall role average. For example, TSM Bjergsen earns 23.16% of his team’s total gold on average, which is +2.00% more than the mid average of 22.71%. These results in the tables do not mean that Player A is better than Player B if he has a higher percentage – it simply means that Player A accounts for more of this team’s gold than does Player B for his team. Interpreting the results is difficult, because teams obviously have different strategies for funneling resources onto certain players based on player strength and champion picks, and keep in mind that wins and game time affect the results. My goal with this article is to show stats that help illustrate team identities and help show how well certain players have performed this split (to a small extent). Some teams like DIG or TIP have one or two players who could be labeled as the hard carries, whereas other teams like TSM are more balanced across the roles. The sections below show the results per role. I wrote down some quick takeaways in each section – they’re not meant as definitive verdicts on any player’s worth! 



Top Takeaways:

  • TIP Rhux was a large contributor in his 2-game stint as a temporary substitute for TIP Impact
  • DIG Gamsu, regarded by many as one of DIG’s hard carries, contributes an above average proportion of gold to his team
  • CST Cris is high on the list, most likely due to his standout games on Irelia and CST’s overall lack of success in other roles
  • T8 CaliTrlolz8 was known as T8’s hard carry prior to the start of the split, and this gold stat shows that he is one of the highest contributing top laners
  • TSM Dyrus and C9 Balls have had fairly average splits overall and both are contributing a below average proportion of gold
  • Perhaps the most surprising result in this article is CLG ZionSpartan. He used to be one of the leaders in this stat but is shockingly at the bottom of the list by a large margin – most likely due to an abundance of strong games from midlaner CLG Link and ADC CLG Doublelift which have overshadowed Zion’s good split




Jungle Takeaways:

  • C9 Meteos continues to be a hard carry for C9 and arguably the best carry jungler in the NA LCS
  • T8 Porpoise and TIP Rush have had breakout splits and seem to be integral factors to their teams’ success
  • After his long hiatus from competitive play, CLG Xmithie is contributing a large proportion of gold to his team relative to most other junglers – he is arguably one of the best junglers once again
  • TSM Santorin earns a slightly below average proportion of gold for his team which continues the tradition of TSM jungler’s playing a more supportive role rather than a hard carry role
  • All three DIG junglers accounted for low gold proportions this split which isn’t too surprising given the team’s lack of success




Mid Takeaways:

  • TIP XiaoWeiXiao continues to be a hard carry for his team and is one of the most valuable players to any one team in the entire league
  • Many of the players who have been plagued with inconsistency this split are near the middle of the pack for this stat
  • CST Mancloud is a slight upgrade from CST Jesiz in terms of gold, but both players are below the role average
  • C9 Hai is surprisingly at the bottom of this list, most likely due to slightly underperforming early on in the split as well as jungler C9 Meteos accounting for such a large proportion of the team’s gold




ADC Takeaways:

  • WFX Altec was one of WFX’s hard carries prior his recent role swap to support
  • The criminally underrated GV Cop continues to be a hard carry for his team
  • TSM WildTurtle and C9 Sneaky are surprisingly not hard carrying their teams this split in terms of this gold proportion stat
  • On TL, Piglet and KEITH are fairly equal, which is surprising given that KEITH has won more games and had more kills – I guess this goes to show that Piglet is possibly better at farming and/or funneled more resources
  • TIP Apollo has had a breakout split, but he seems to be a supplement to his standout solo laners and jungler in terms of gold




Support Takeaways:

  • The support position overall seems to be the least volatile as all 12 players are within ± 3.00%
  • Seeing WFX Gleeb at the top of the list is surprising – he was simply a temporary substitute, but he did previously play with WFX Altec in the challenger scene
  • CLG Aphromoo and TSM Lustboy, considered by many to be among the best supports in the NA LCS, contribute above average proportions of gold to their teams
  • WFX Altec has performed well so far in his two starts as support



Hopefully you found these stats interesting. Seeing this gold stat for old standby carries like C9 Meteos and TIP XiaoWeiXiao as well as for new players who have had breakout splits like T8 Porpoise8 and TIP Rush is cool. Thanks for reading.