Mysterious Monkeys keep the dream alive by beating Roccat

NiP let out a sigh of relief.

Photo via Riot Games

The winner of the Mysterious Monkeys and Roccat match would take a huge step forward in the battle to avoid relegation.

Roccat are currently in fourth place in Group A with two wins and are looking to challenge for an unlikely playoff spot at the end of the season. Mysterious Monkeys meanwhile are rooted to the foot of Group B, and needed the win to keep the pressure on Team Vitality going forward.

The first game was back and forth between the two teams. When either team were able to get an objective, the other managed to make a play to keep the gold lead even going into the late game.

Mysterious Monkeys were the ones to come away with the win, however, after being behind for the majority of the game. It had looked all over for the team at the 30 minute mark when Roccat managed to secure an Ace and the first Baron of the game—but the team were unable to do anything with the precious buff.

After respawning, Mysterious Monkeys forced Roccat into a second fight and take down two of the Baron empowered Roccat members, stalling the game until the Elder Dragon spawned. Mysterious Monkey’s then took a dragon and the second Baron of the game and use the buffs to end the game.

The second game was as chaotic as the first with both teams continuing to trade the lead throughout the match.

The game didn’t come alive until the 20-minute mark when Mysterious Monkeys were able to grab the first Baron of the game. Mysterious Monkeys aggressively pushed towards Roccat’s base but were unable to break it open.

Roccat were then able to find a fight themselves, getting the Ace, and the second Baron of the game a few minutes later to take the first substantial lead of the game.

Roccat over-extended, however, and gave up their lives to Mysterious Monkeys, losing the Baron empowered buff on all of their team.

A final fight around the Elder Dragon ends in Roccat’s favor as the team are able to kill off a large amount of Mysterious Monkey’s team to close out the game and tie up the series.

The final game started similarly to the last with both teams failing to get a distinct lead over the other. What was different about this game, however, was how Mysterious Monkeys were able to dictate the game and take complete control away from Roccat the more the game went on.

Mysterious Monkeys could do no wrong, claiming fight after fight to clean up objectives and successfully gain a significant lead as time went on. It was only a matter of time until Mysterious Monkeys found the Baron and closed out the game in the quickest match of the day.

The win gives Group A’s Ninjas in Pyjamas a much needed boost. If Roccat had won, NiP would be three games behind fourth place. This could give them a chance, however unlikely it may be, to get out of that relegation spot—if the team can find their first series win.

Roccat will be looking to bounce back when the team face off against Unicorns of Love next on July 20. Mysterious Monkeys, on the other hand, face off against their old employers Misfits on July 21 while the team continue to chase Team Vitality to avoid relegation at the end of the season.