My open letter to Froggen

Inside the mind of a concerned fan.

May 25th, 2015 

My open letter to Froggen

Dear Froggen,

I miss seeing all those things, only you could do.
I miss all those feelings, only you could make me feel.
I miss all those special ways, you would soar like no one else.

I know we can’t live in the past,
I know things have changed,
I know it can never be, like it once was.
That is not what I want, not what anyone wants.
ll I want is a glimmer of hope, an inkling, that the boy who inspired me not long ago, has grown to be the man I always knew you could be.

Mistakes were made, I understand.
Risks were taken, no regrets.
People come and people go, such is life.
The important thing is to never give up, never say die.
To keep improving, to keep trying.
Change is here, change is now. 

I remain hopeful, perhaps ignorance is bliss.
Hopeful for the future, blissfully waiting.
To see what might happen, to see what might be.

 A new alliance assembled, for better or for worse.
New friends, old brothers.
Summer is coming, hopefully autumn after that.
New opponents, old rivals.

I’m not asking for a miracle,
I’m not asking for something divine.
Just a sprinke, just a touch of Class, Legitimacy and Grace in EU.

Sincerely yours,
Marcus “Mad Xadz” Johansson

Image courtesy of Froggen’s twitter.