Musings: Summer 2015 status report

I know this is going up during the EULCS, and I don’t care. I wanted to post this as soon as possible, plus I don’t talk about EU all that much so it doesn’t matter.

I know this is going up during the EULCS, and I don’t care.  I wanted to post this as soon as possible, plus I don’t talk about EU all that much so it doesn’t matter. Not sure if I’ll continue doing these after the split anyways, my motivation is almost as bad as TDK’s record right now.

So, before we check up on EU a bit and NA, I need to talk about a couple particular things.

Runeglaive: I’m glad Riot came up with a jungle item that quite literally did nothing for junglers not named Nidalee or Diana.  The “Strategic Diversity” of this item sure is good :^)

New Devourer:  It’s neat, but just like the other iterations of jungle farm items, it makes League rather insufferable for a couple weeks until it gets beaten by the nerf bat.  This one seems like a keeper though, albeit overtuned.

Challenger Series: NA looks like it will be interesting with what will most likely be a Coast vs Renegades final.  EU not so much, considering Brokenshard’s Danish Boys are getting into the EULCS rather easily.



Usually I’d say more, but I don’t pay enough attention to EU to adequately meme about it, aside from the tilting messes that are SK Gaming and Copenhagen Wolves.  If only those teams had curtains. 

I still hope Dentist finds a good team after CW gets relegated, since he’s the memer the EULCS needs.

Anyways, it’s pretty much guaranteed barring a huge upset (which can happen in EU honestly) that fnatic Orange, fnatic Black, and H2k are going to worlds.  Speaking of, sometimes in the circus that is EU, fnatic Orange just wins not because of their moves, but by the stupidity of the opposing team.  The death bush fnatic Black set up against them is a prime example of this.




(Remaining matches: Team 8, Dignitas, TDK, Impulse)

Not much to say really, Move just suffocates the enemy team with enough vision to blind the viewers.  Plus they get a free win with Dignitas and TDK, so there’s that.


Team Liquid

(Remaining matches: CLG, NME, Team 8, Impulse)

For starters, why do people let Fenix have Azir, his best champion?  Also why has Xpecial been having moments where he does his best Bronze V impression?  Maybe these questions will be answered before playoffs, but I doubt it since the teams they play other than Impulse aren’t exactly intelligent. 


Counter Logic Game-decisions

(Remaining matches: C9, Team 8, Dignitas, Liquid)

It’s the end of the split, time for the patented CLG slump.  We’ve been dealing with this for the entirety of the LCS, moving on.


Team Impulse

(Remaining matches: Gravity, TDK, Liquid, TSM)

Rush’s fight club have been going hyphy lately, with their soon to be patented end of the split surge.  Watching the best two Korean junglers in NA facing off will be entertaining.  Not much to say really, Impulse fights until either nexus goes down. 


Team Solo Memes

(Remaining matches: C9, NME, Dignitas, Impulse)

Lately TSM has been putting on an MSI-caliber performance, but at least this time it isn’t due to Dyrus getting camped.  Their CLG imitation seems to fall apart with Keith “Faker” McBrief replacing Turtle, since in the past two weeks, TSM’s only win was with Keith.  Coincidence?  I think not.


Team Dignitas

(Remaining matches: CLG, NME, Gravity, TSM)

Literally the same as CLG right now, although it seems to be due to the absence of their coach though.  I look forward to Lizard Alien Brokenshard yelling at Shiphtur to “Perform otherwise you’ll get benched for Jintae again.”


Team 8

(Remaining matches: CLG, Gravity, TDK, Liquid)

After starting in a slump for the first two weeks, they’ve somehow been pulling wins each week to give them a buffer over the relegation danger zone.  They’ll probably end up in the same spot as last split, outside of playoffs looking tearfully through the glass while enjoying the circus that is the promotion tournament.


Enemy Esports

(Remaining matches:C9, Dignitas, Liquid, TSM)

The newbies will probably continue to perform well enough to stay into the LCS, while not being good enough to break into playoffs.  Maybe they’d perform better if Sky did his goddamn job as PR director and take Clerkie’s twitter account away :^)


Clown 9

(Remaining matches: CLG, NME, TDK, TSM)

I don’t know about Clown 9 anymore.  They’re basically S4 Coast: Up until they lose, they’re winning…usually.  Considering TDK’s propensity to make completely pants on head retarded decisions, and CLG’s shotcaller being Zapp Brannigan, I’m pretty sure Clown 9 will get a couple easy wins. 


Team Dragon Koreans

(Remaining matches: C9, Gravity, Team 8, Impulse)

Now that they have their imaginary friends playing, TDK look deadly.  They got those fancy feet and moves that make the fangirls scream…then the imaginary friends decide to either engage in a 1v4, or Emperor pulls a Woolite and jumps into the enemy team.  Hopefully the imaginary friends can find a team that can control their stupid impulses, because TDK is sure as hell getting auto-relegated.