Musings: LCS weeks 1 and 2

This will hopefully be the start of a weekly/bi-weekly series, where I’ll briefly summarize each LCS game with two-three sentences tops, usually just a one-liner.

This will hopefully be the start of a weekly/bi-weekly series, where I’ll briefly summarize each LCS game with two-three sentences tops, usually just a one-liner.  I’ll do these mainly for fun, but if you want to throw money my way for these I won’t stop you.

I will be focusing less on the EULCS with these, since EU = ResidentSleeper.  In addition, the matches start at an ungodly hour (around 10am my time) and end after I wake up (around 2pm my time).  Only reason I catch some of the games is because I have a break in between classes plus some caffeine to keep me awake through the games.

I would cover LPL and LCK more frequently, if they didn’t start so freaking late.  Oh well.

“But Doctor Cheesecake, Week 3 started already in EU, you might as well postpone this a week.”

Shut up Steve, trimester reports are for serious people, plus that’s EU, no one cares about EU.


Before I start, I have to mention dat Phreak beard + stache combo, because it makes everyone moist.  If he had the fashion sense of Dota’s Bruno, our minds would explode.

Pictured: Suit technology that would be deadly in Phreak’s hands.


Week 1


Elements vs Fnatic-stein

Fnatic gameplan:


I guess Elements spent about as much time on this game as they did on their logo.


Giants vs MYM



Day 1:

TSM vs Clown 9

TSM played beautifully against the Gnar, mainly because he didn’t have the Jarman to set up a good ult.  Also, C9 must have abandoned the Lemonbook, since the picks/bans were horrid.


Dignitas vs Team Coast

Showing Dignitas how to throw is a feat that was previously reserved for Vulcun/XDGG.


Winterfox vs Gravity

Granted the subs played really well, but losing to a team with 3 subs is about as sad as Gambit this split.


Team Impulse vs Team Liquid

Building a team comp around the sub is a ballsy move, but KEITHMCFAKERBRIEF delivered.


CLG vs Team 8

Meh, not surprising.  Benny did well outside of the retirement home.


Day 2:

Dignitas vs Team Impulse

Showing that if Coast didn’t throw, there was no way for Dignitas to win.


Team Coast vs Winterfox

Showing Gravity how to actually win vs the sub squad.


Team Liquid vs CLG



Cloud 9 vs G R A V I T Y B O Y S

Day of the Underdogs part 1: Clown 9 starring Underperforming Hai.


TSM vs Team 8

Day of the Underdogs part 2: FreeSM




Royal Club vs Gametee (game 2)

The game was quite literally a brawl that kept going either way, with Royal Club maintaining an advantage overall.  Then Gametee messed up in a mid-lane fight by blowing 3 huge ults, including Gnar’s ult, on a zhonya’d Xerath, died without killing anyone on Royal Club, and lost the game.  Fun game to watch still, but the only thing Gametee has going for them this split is their amazing fashion sense.



Week 2:


Unicorns of Love vs Giants Gaming

Love hurts, as Giants now know.


Meet Your Makers vs Copenhagen Wolves

Hilariously sloppy game showing which of the worst top laners in the EULCS can hold their team back the most (Spoiler Alert: it was Youngbuck this time).


BONUS: EU Reflection

How the hell are Fnatic dominating EU again after cobbling together what looks like a Challenger team with two Korean bandages (no offense towards YellOwStaR)? 



Day 1: the day the bans broke.

After bans featuring The Gray Square and 3 Irelias, the bugs finally broke the spectator display by not even showing the bans.  The unseen bans are the deadliest :^)

Pictured: 10/10 Client


Gravity vs Team Dignitas

EULCS: The Broadway Play.


Team 8 vs Team Coast

Coast performing the slow throw through getting picked off here and there, instead of one glorious throw to make Dignitas proud.  This climaxed with DontMashMe getting mashed after getting caught by a late-game binding, giving Team 8 the win.

Also Cali with the OP Twitch chat build tho, allowing him to shoot Coast’s knees out with the Gunblade Jax.


Cloud 9 vs Team Liquid

Clown 9 picked up the pieces, and Keith sabotaged Piglet’s mastery pages.



Team Impulse vs CLG

Impact got a warm welcome.  The Blitzcrank + Kalista combo was too op.


TSM vs Winterfox

3 supports couldn’t keep Winterfox alive against TSM.


BONUS: The SKT Curse

In a single day, everyone that was in the World Championship SKT lost their games.  I guess Longpanda’s Pandanote finally worked.


Day 2:

CLG vs Clown 9

Clown 9 got outrotated after a decisive win over Liquid.


Dignitas vs Winterfox

Team Korea + Gleeb showing Dignitas how to use Koreans properly.


TSM vs Team Liquid

TSM went in with plenty of towels to clean up Liquid.  Liquid or Dry.

Also Wildturtle’s a feeder, bench him for Keith.


Team Impulse vs Team 8

The Malphite ult + Orianna ult results in one beautiful wombo combo.  Team 8 kept staying on Impulse’s lawn however, which resulted in them receiving more than just the TiP from Impulse.


Team Coast vs Gravity

Sloppy game all around, but Kalista still maintains a 100% win rate.


BONUS: State of Dignitas

I honestly think they’re a dead team ever since qtpie left and they decided that bringing in two Koreans will fix their non-skill problems.  Now that the wizard Cumbledore is no longer there to guide them, they need to either pick up the pieces or worship our lord and savior qtpie so they don’t get relegated.