Multiple Teamfight Tactics adjustments and reworks hit League PBE ahead of Patch 9.15

A number of traits and champions have been changed.

Image via Riot Games

For Patch 9.15, Riot Games is making some sweeping changes to Teamfight Tactics that will shift the game mode’s meta and how players decide to build their compositions. The developers will be completely reworking four traits, while also applying buffs and nerfs to a variety of champions, items, and traits.

Ashe, Kindred, and Yasuo are all getting attack damage stat boosts as a one-star unit. Ashe’s damage is getting increased by five, while Kindred and Yasuo’s damage will be increased by 10. Karthus’ ultimate can now target more enemies at each star level—from 4/7/10 to 5/9/13—while his ultimate damage has been increased from 350/600/850 to 400/700/1,000.

Guardians now give adjacent allies 10 more bonus armor—going from 40 armor to 50—while the streak system will provide higher streak bonuses for shorter streaks.

As for nerfs, Kennen is finally getting hit after becoming one of the best units in the game. His ultimate’s damage has been decreased from 350/560/770 to 225/450/675. Ionic Spark’s damage has been decreased by 50 and Demons’ mana burn chance has been lowered from 25/50/85 percent to 20/40/80 percent.

In addition, the four reworks to Knights, Ninjas, Nobles, and Void are all pretty significant and could affect the general meta of the game. Knights now allow all allies to block 15/30/55 damage taken. One Ninja gains 40 attack damage and 40 percent spell power. If you get four Ninjas, they all gain 60 attack damage and 60 percent spell power.

The Noble buff will now give 60 armor, 60 magic resist, and the unit affected will restore 35 HP on-hit. Void champions will deal true damage instead of gaining 50 percent armor penetration.

These alterations, as always, are still subject to change while Riot figures out what’s best for the game. Additionally, some targets that were supposed to be adjusted—like Dragons, Assassins, and Pirates—haven’t undergone any changes just yet.