Multiple LEC players report internet and power issues at Iceland hotel before Worlds 2021

Several LEC players have expressed concerns over internet and power issues ahead of Worlds.

Image via Riot Games

LEC players Odoamne, Elyoya, and Humanoid have said that the hotel housing the players for the upcoming 2021 World Championship is experiencing internet and, in some cases, power issues.

The League of Legends World Championship was set to be held in China this fall, making it a repeat of last year’s Worlds. But instead, Riot Games pivoted to hold the international event in Europe due to the COVID-19 Delta variant. Riot decided to rely on Iceland as its venue once again following its success with MSI earlier this year.

With Worlds now being held in Iceland and COVID-19 restrictions in place, that means the players have to practice and scrim for the tournament from their hotels. This has prompted several issues for players, such as internet or power outages—and some of the competitors are voicing their concerns. 

There were players like MAD Lions’ mid laner Humanoid, who said “LF scrims in wild rift, only phone data no wifi users ofc,” seemingly poking fun at the lack of internet at the hotel. 

This was later followed up by MAD Lions’ jungler Elyoya, who mentioned that the electricity has been inconsistent. “The electricity has gone out four times in two days,” Elyoya said, as translated by Dot Esports.

While both Humanoid and Elyoya expressed their frustrations with their issues on social media, Rogue’s top laner Odoamne took a more direct approach. He tagged Riot Support’s Twitter account and said “Hey @RiotSupport our group is really hard and all but some internet would be nice.” 

This isn’t the first time competitors in a tournament for one of Riot’s games have run into technological problems in Iceland, either. Earlier this year, competitive VALORANT players were also having internet and FPS issues ahead of VCT Masters Reykjavík. 

With Worlds just a week away and players having issues during practice, Riot might not have much time to address these problems prior to the tournament’s start on Oct. 5. 

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