Most-played jungler in LoL Patch 13.8 has one of the lowest win rates in the role

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Various League of Legends oppose one another on Summoner's Rift.
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He might be one of the most popular champions in League of Legends, but it’s clear that many players still have a lot to learn when it comes to playing Runeterra’s favorite Blind Monk, Lee Sin.

Through Patch 13.8, released on April 19, Lee Sin was played the most out of any jungler in the game from Platinum rank and higher with a 14.5 percent play rate, according to League stats aggregate U.GG. Unfortunately for him and his player base, he also has one of the lowest win rates in the role, winning just over 48 percent of the 222,000 global games he was picked in.

Lee Sin has always been one of the most popular champions in the game with both solo queue warriors and professional League players alike thanks to his flashy kit and potential for playmaking. Every jungler dreams of hitting the perfect combination, kicking the enemy carry into your own team to win a teamfight, but many casual players do not realize how hard it can be to pull off such maneuvers.

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Additionally, it’s a lot easier to jump into an enemy team composition, only to instantly die if the timing is off or if your own team isn’t in the right position to follow up with your engage. As a result, players must understand not only the ins and outs of Lee Sin’s abilities and damage, but they must also know how to complement their fellow teammates and their champions.

Patch 13.8 also represented the lowest his play rate has been over the last five patches, with players shifting their attention to other champions with more reliable engage like Jarvan IV or Hecarim, or more damage-oriented picks like Kha’Zix. These champions are much more straightforward with their kit and purpose, while Lee Sin is a tougher champ that requires knowledge on how to dip and dive in and out of a teamfight.

From what has been revealed so far, the Blind Monk won’t be getting any changes for Patch 13.9. But there will be a bunch of other adjustments when the update hits live servers on Wednesday, May 3.

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