PSA: If you’re playing Mordekaiser, don’t ult Ornn, because you’ll crash the game for everyone

Mordekaiser proves yet again that he's metal as hell.

Screengrab via Riot Games

New champions and big updates aren’t without their share of bugs after release, and Ornn is no exception. Ornn actually managed to add another bug to Mordekaiser’s downright impressive collection of over 160 bugs when he was released today.

If there’s a Mordekaiser and an Ornn both in your game, be sure to give explicit warnings to the Morde player NOT to kill Ornn with his ultimate ability. Because if he does, the game will completely crash for every single player. Don’t believe us? We don’t blame you, that’s a wild accusation to make, but don’t worry, we tried it ourselves.

The bug was reported on Reddit today for the first time right after Ornn’s release, and through our own testing, we were able to confirm that the game crashes in every scenario when Ornn dies after Mordekaiser’s ultimate is used.

A few moments after the death, each player in the game will receive the dreaded “Attempting to Reconnect” error message at the top of the screen. It doesn’t actually reconnect, though, and it appears that the game also won’t even show up in your match history.

If you experience this bug, be sure to document as much as possible and send it over to Riot Support on the official website. It also wouldn’t hurt to send it over to the Riot Support Twitter account. As always, bugs happen, and luckily for us, Riot is usually pretty good at squashing them, so it’s only a matter of time before this is no longer an issue.