Misfits lock in 2022 LEC Spring Split playoff spot with heart-pounding win over G2

This is what a roller coaster does to your heart.

Photo via Riot Games

European League of Legends fans were all brought on a roller coaster ride by Misfits today.

In the last game of the first day of week seven in the 2022 LEC Spring Split, G2 almost secured second place in the standings before Misfits ripped the smile off their face and took home the win. After almost 40 minutes in the match, Misfits destroyed G2’s Nexus, thus locking in their spot in the LEC Spring Split playoffs. 

The game started as an uphill battle for Misfits, who struggled in the early game with Jankos taking possession of Shlatan’s jungle and with the duo in bot lane giving first blood to Flakked’s Jinx. Across the map, G2 had a strong lead on their opponents. BrokenBlade just killed HiRit in the top lane several times, while on the opposite side of the map, G2 did whatever they could to bring advantages to Flakked and Targamas. After the first 15 minutes, the game looked incredibly one-sided, with G2 having a 10,000 gold lead, six more kills than the Misfits, and overwhelming pressure in all lanes.

Despite some mistakes by G2 granting Misfits a few kills, the samurais destroyed all the towers outside of their opponents’ base, those inside, and also all the inhibitors to be in front of the exposed Misfits Nexus before the 20-minute mark. The game seemed to be decided. But Misfits wouldn’t back down and fought tooth and nail for their chance at securing a playoff spot. 

After having aced the enemy team, Misfits captured the Baron buff, thus starting to apply pressure in every lane. G2 tried to get back into their opponents’ base but were shut down again by Misfits piece by piece, bringing the gold difference back down to just 5,000. Misfits’ inhibitors then returned to full health, slowing G2’s advancement and allowing the team to regain ground on the Rift. But without the Baron buff or Dragon Soul, Misfits could only fight to the best of their ability to get a shot at victory against G2. And they succeeded. It didn’t matter if they were alone or teamed up, Misfits fought their opponents and dropped them one by one like a path of dominoes that led them to completely eliminate the huge gold gap that separated the two teams. 

In a teamfight at Baron, Misfits once again managed to defeat G2, who in the meantime had instructed BrokenBlade to push in the bot lane. With their opponents divided and crushed under the weight of a growth in strength that lasted almost 40 minutes, Misfits only had to conquer the enemy’s base. G2’s Nexus thus fell after a roller coaster of a match that resulted in Misfits becoming the third European team to secure a spot in the 2022 Spring Split playoffs.

Misfits are now 10-4 in the 2022 LEC Spring Split, while G2 drop to 8-6. G2 will look to bounce back in a game against Team BDS tomorrow. Misfits, on the other hand, will face off against Vitality.