Mid-Season Cup scores and standings

Keep up to date with the Mid-Season Cup.

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Eight of the top League of Legends teams in Korea and China are going head-to-head starting May 28 in a brawl of epic proportions.

To replace Riot’s canceled Mid-Season Invitational, the 2020 Mid-Season Cup features the top four teams from the LCK and LPL in a four-day $600,000 tournament.

The Mid-Season Cup will be held online, with the Korean teams competing from LoL Park in Seoul and the Chinese representatives playing from the Shanghai LPL Arena. The event will adhere to the local health regulations of both cities and will feature no live audiences.

Here are all the teams, rosters, scores, and standings for the Mid-Season Cup.

Teams and rosters

Group A

T1 (LCK No. 1 seed)

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  • Top: Canna, Roach
  • Jungle: Cuzz, Ellim
  • Mid: Faker
  • Bot: Teddy:
  • Support: Effort
  • Coach: Kim Jeong-soo

Top Esports (LPL No. 2 seed)

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  • Top: 369
  • Jungle: Karsa
  • Mid: knight
  • Bot: JackeyLove
  • Support: QuiQui, yuyanjiaa
  • Coach: Cresent

FunPlus Phoenix (LPL No. 3 seed)

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  • Top: GimGoon, Khan
  • Jungle: Tian
  • Mid: Doinb
  • Bot: Lwx
  • Support: Crisp
  • Coach: WarHorse, REFRA1N

Damwon Gaming (LCK No. 4 seed)

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  • Top: Nuguri
  • Jungle: Canyon
  • Mid: ShowMaker
  • Bot: Ghost, Nuclear
  • Support: CHoit, Beryl
  • Coach: Zefa

Group B

JD Gaming (LPL No. 1 seed)

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  • Top: Zoom
  • Jungle: Kanavi
  • Mid: Yagao
  • Bot: Loken
  • Support: LvMao, Peace
  • Coach: Homme, huge

Gen.G (LCK No. 2 seed)

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  • Top: Rascal
  • Jungle: Clid
  • Mid: Bdd
  • Bot: Ruler
  • Support: Life, Kellin
  • Coach: oDin, Tom

DragonX (LCK No. 3 seed)

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  • Top: Doran
  • Jungle: Pyosik
  • Mid: Chovy, Quad
  • Bot: Deft
  • Support: Keria
  • Coach: cvMax

Invictus Gaming (LPL No. 4 seed)

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  • Top: TheShy
  • Jungle: Ning
  • Mid: Rookie
  • Bot: Puff
  • Support: Baolan, Southwind, Reheal
  • Coach: fly

Scores and standings

Group stage

The group stage of the competition is split into two groups of four teams. It’ll be carried out in a single round-robin, with the two top teams from each group advancing to the knockout stage of the event.

Group A

1FunPlus Phoenix21
2Top Esports21

Group A: Matches (May 28)

T110FunPlus Phoenix
Damwon01Top Esports
FunPlus Phoenix10Top Esports
FunPlus Phoenix10Damwon
T101Top Esports

Group B

1JD Gaming31
4Invictus Gaming03

Group B: Matches (May 29)

JD Gaming01Gen.G
DragonX10Invictus Gaming
JD Gaming10Invictus Gaming
Invictus Gaming01Gen.G
DragonX01JD Gaming
DragonX01JD Gaming

Knockout stage

The knockout stage, including the semifinals and finals, will be single elimination. Matches are best-of-five, with the first game in each series being blind pick. The remaining games of each series will be draft pick.


FunPlus Phoenix3
JD Gaming1
Top Esports3


Top Esports3
FunPlus Phoenix1