LEC 2021 Spring Split: What every team needs to qualify for the playoffs

It all comes down to this.

Photo via Riot Games

How can your team make the LEC 2021 Spring Split playoffs?

The road to the playoffs ends on Sunday, March 14 as all 10 teams in the league compete in their final game of the regular season. Nine weeks, a double round-robin, and 18 matches will have led up to that point.

The six top teams in the league will qualify for the playoffs in March and April. The top four will play in the winners’ bracket, while the fifth and sixth place teams will compete in the losers’ bracket.

The first seed will pick between the third and fourth seeds in round one and the loser with the lower seed from the winners’ bracket will play in the losers’ bracket in round two. The loser with the highest seed from the winners’ bracket will then slot into the losers’ bracket in round three.

The winner of the playoffs will take home the lion’s share of €200,000 (approximately $237,000) and qualify for the 2021 Mid-Season Invitational, where they’ll represent Europe in Reykjavík, Iceland.

Here is what every team needs in the LEC to qualify for the 2021 Spring Split playoffs.


Astralis have missed out on the playoffs this spring. Even if they win their next three matches against Vitality, SK Gaming, and MAD Lions, a tiebreaker won’t be possible due to their head-to-head record against Schalke 04 and Misfits.


Excel are in a difficult position with a 5-10 record. To qualify for the playoffs, the team will need to bank on several factors. They’ll need to win at least one of their matches this weekend to bump up to sixth place for a potential tiebreaker with Schalke and Misfits, but two or three wins will likely be required.

Schalke 04

In sixth place with a 6-9 record, Schalke are treading on dangerous waters. At least one win this weekend will put them in a more comfortable position but to guarantee qualification, two or three wins could be necessary.


Fnatic aren’t locked into the playoffs just yet, but they’re close. One win this weekend will be enough to qualify.

G2 Esports

With 13 wins and two losses, G2 Esports have qualified for the playoffs. Their impressive record means they’ve secured a spot in the winners’ bracket.

MAD Lions

MAD Lions have qualified for the playoffs. Due to their head-to-head record with teams beneath them in the table, they’re guaranteed to be seeded in the losers’ bracket (at the very least).

Misfits Gaming

Misfits, like Schalke, will almost certainly need to win at least one match this weekend to qualify for the playoffs. But even then, they’ll have to fend off Schalke, Misfits, and Excel for a potential tiebreaker situation.


Rogue have secured a spot in the winners’ bracket due to their 12-3 record, similarly to G2 Esports.

SK Gaming

SK Gaming are in a respectable position in the LEC standings. One win should be enough for them to qualify for the playoffs but two will ensure it.

Team Vitality

A 4-11 record has put Vitality in trouble. The team will need to win at least two matches this weekend to enter into a possible tiebreaker. But even three wins might not be enough to qualify.