Lux’s internal battle between dark and light is featured in Riot’s new Galaxies short story

Cosmic light or eternal dark?

Image via Riot Games

Lux has had multiple internal conflicts between good and evil, no matter what universe she’s in. This time around, she must decide if she wants to follow her duty to the light or if she’ll give herself up to the darkness in a new short story based around the Event Horizon League of Legends lore.

Throughout the story, Lux is constantly tempted by Thresh, a faithful servant of the all-consuming Dark Star, to lure her over to accept the darkness within her. The celestial chain warden’s words echoed in the Lady of Luminosity’s mind even when she was in the presence of Ashe, the queen of the cosmos.

Image via Riot Games

During a meeting with the Cosmic Court, Ashe discusses the ways in which they could stop Thresh and the rest of the Dark Star’s minions before they go on to destroy more life within the ever-expanding universe. She came to the conclusion that Lux was the key to stopping these monsters from taking countless lives. Her mastery of starlight and binding constellations meant “she alone [had] the ability to stop this threat in its tracks.”

But Ashe and the other cosmic defenders knew nothing of the shadows that were slowly enveloping Lux’s heart. She continued to dance with the thoughts of evil that clouded her mind, but now she must choose: Will she remain true to the light or relinquish her soul to the darkness?

Image via Riot Games

This choice is also reflected in the new Galaxies event that went live in the League client today. Players get to choose which side they want to represent on Summoner’s Rift by following duty or their ambitions.

Whichever side wins will ultimately be how Lux’s story ends in the Event Horizon lore. The fate of the League universe lies in your hands.