League of Legends’ Galaxies event and One for All are now live


Image via Riot Games

It seems the ending of the longest month of the year is about to get a bit more enjoyable.

The League of Legends client has been updated with the Galaxies event today, which includes the Cosmic and Dark Cosmic Lux skins and the One for All mode.

Image via Riot Games

Players who purchase either Lux skin for 1,820 RP can buy the other cosmetic for a discounted 1,001 RP. In addition to the Cosmic skins, League fans can pick up the Dark Star Malphite, Mordekaiser, and Xerath skins for 1,350 RP each. The Rift Quest Talon, Taric, and Twitch skins are also available for the same price.

A new event also means a fresh pass. The Galaxies Pass, which costs 1,650 RP, comes with 200 Galaxies 2020 tokens and four Galaxies 2020 Orbs. But in an effort to make Prestige skins “something you have to work for,” Riot has made it harder to earn event tokens from wins and losses.

Image via Riot Games

The One for All event allows teams to each play the same champion (no Yuumis, please). So pick an overpowered champ and jump into the mayhem immediately.

The Galaxies event and One for All will run from today until April 27.