LPL W6D2: Snake’s Kryst4l on the strongest ADC in the meta and Miss Fortune’s place in competitive play

Welcome back! My name is Bao Bao and today we'll be interviewing Snake's ADC Kryst4l. Kryst4l: Hi everyone. I'm Snake's ADC Kryst4l. Congratulations on your 2-0 victory today. Is there anything you want to say? Kryst4l: I'm so happy.

Welcome back! My name is Bao Bao and today we’ll be interviewing Snake’s ADC Kryst4l.

Kryst4l: Hi everyone. I’m Snake’s ADC Kryst4l.

Congratulations on your 2-0 victory today. Is there anything you want to say?

Kryst4l: I’m so happy.

Like your manager said earlier, you didn’t look too good last week. But I’m sure your victories today raised the team’s morale.

Kryst4l: Yep.

Are you satisfied with your own performance today in these two games?

Kryst4l: I think I did okay. But I still made a lot of mistakes.

You used Kalista in both matches, a very popular pick in the LPL recently. Did you pick her because she’s your favorite champion or because she’s really strong in this patch?

Kryst4l: We picked her to prevent King from getting her. We didn’t dare let them get her.

You seem very familiar with Team King, especially since you’ve played against them before.

Kryst4l: Right. From TGA to to the LSPL to the LPL.

You’ve met countless times and you seem to really understand each other. I have some questions from our fans on QQ. What do you feel about Tristana after her rework? Why doesn’t anyone use her?

Kryst4l: She has no damage output anymore. She’s not strong at all anymore, haha. But maybe it’s because I don’t use her well enough.

It’s definitely because of the changes in the patch. She seems a lot weaker. She’s not fit for competition yet. Next question is: do you think it’s possible to play Caitlyn and Miss Fortune in a competitive match?

Kryst4l: Caitlyn–yes. Miss Fortune probably can’t because she’s too weak right now. She also has no form of escape. Caitlyn is still really strong right now, though.

In this patch, which ADC do you think is the strongest?

Kryst4l: The champion that fits best into the patch right now is Kalista.

Why is that?

Kryst4l: Her initial laning phase is really strong and she can also initiate team fights with her ultimate. At the same time, her ultimate also protects her support.

Which support do you think has the best synergy with Kalista?

Kryst4l: Annie because she’s a ranged mage. When she’s laning, she can help Kalista activate her W passive, which deals bonus damage when you attack the same target. Annie’s damage output is also really high.

She also has a stun.

Kryst4l: Exactly. She can start a team fight on her own.

We hope everyone has learned a little from this. Congratulations Kryst4l for winning two games in a row, we hope you can steady yourselves. Like your manager, who’s always cheering for you guys so loudly, we hope you can cheer for yourselves too.

Kryst4l: We will. Thank you, haha.


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