LPL add casters Mazel and Magical to broadcast lineup

The English LPL broadcast is stacked with brilliant on-air talent.

Image via Riot Games

The League of Legends Pro League has added Alex “Magical” Whieldon and Lennon “Mazel” White to its English broadcasting team.

The pair have been brought on as “guests“, and will help shoulder some of the hefty broadcasting hours now that LPL matches will be played every night from now until the end of Spring Playoffs.

The LPL has had quite the high turnover rate of broadcast talent over recent years, whether that’s due to alleged poor pay, strenuous hours or being overlooked for international events, Magical and Mazel are joining a growing list of very temporary casting talent.

However short-term, the duo brings a wealth of experience with them to the LPL.

Play-by-play caster Magical joins the LPL broadcast with casting experience from the European Masters, the LCS Academy broadcast, Twitch Rivals, and North America Proving Grounds tournaments. Similarly well experienced, Mazel honed his color commentary in the tier two scene in North America, mostly in the Scouting Ground tournaments of 2020.

The LPL English broadcast now features eight casters, four play-by-play and four color, mostly freelance. For fans of Magical and Mazel, the pair didn’t feature in any of the matches tonight, so keep an eye on their socials to see when their debut in the LPL is coming up.

China’s premier League of Legends league returns tomorrow at 3am CT featuring matches with two of the Chinese representatives from Worlds last year, JD Gaming and Suning.

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