Low-health Malphite player beautifully dodges 7 skill shots to take out enemy Xerath in League solo queue

Rock solid.

Image via Riot Games

Who said a massive creature of living stone couldn’t be light on its feet?

A League of Legends player showed off their dancing capabilities in a video posted today, using Malphite to masterfully dodge seven skill shots and come out with a kill.

After taking out the opposing Sett in the top lane, the Malphite player was left with a quarter of their health. The enemy Xerath rotated to the top lane under the assumption that the kill would be free—a crucial mistake.

The mage began their assault by calling an Eye of Destruction (W) from the skies, followed by a Shocking Orb (E) and an Arcanopulse (Q) in quick succession. Malphite effortlessly dodged all three abilities while casting Seismic Shard (Q), helping him close the gap on his target.

The player continued to beat up on the mage but got hit by a point-blank Xerath Q that left them with a sliver of health. The enemy also used Heal, making the outcome of the fight look grim for the Malphite. The Shard of Monolith may have been down but certainly wasn’t out.

Xerath cast another three skill shots that didn’t land true. But an Ezreal ultimate closing in threatened Malphite’s life. The player then perfectly timed their flash to deliver the finishing blow on Xerath, walking away with another kill.

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