12 July 2018 - 19:34

Darius overthrew Garen in this year's VS event

Not even the mighty God King could beat the power of FREEDOM.
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Image via Riot Games

The second annual League of Legends VS. event ended this morning, and God King Darius usurped Garen's rule to claim victory.

The event followed in the footsteps of the one from last year, during which Chaos won out over Order. This year, players were asked to choose between Garen and Darius, with themed missions being unlocked depending on which side was chosen. Finishing missions earned points for the team the player chose, which contributed to the final tally.

Completing these missions also rewarded players with Versus tokens, which could be used to craft more loot, like champion shards or summoner icons. In addition, God King skins for both champions were released and cost 1,820 RP. Players also received a 2018 Vs. emote which can be equipped in-game.

While Garen was initially in the lead, his Noxian counterpart took over after a few days and never let go of the lead.

There will be one final mission for players to undertake. Completing it by 11:59pm PT on July 24 will grant one final reward. All players will receive the Endless War Icon, while those who chose Darius will also earn 1,000 BE. Tokens will remain in the Loot tab until August 1, at which point they will disappear, so players should finish crafting rewards before then.

The VS. event will likely return next year for a third iteration. Until then, new icons on the PBE may hint at a new event that will correspond with the release of a new Ryze short, according to a post on Surrender at 20.

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