LoL players set record for fastest-ever Dragon kill—and it’s sparked a race to take the ‘speed run’ crown

Don't blink.

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In League of Legends, you and your four teammates must work together to win lane, obtain objectives, and ultimately, take down the enemy’s Nexus. And while there have been many buffs and nerfs to champions and the system this season, the game hasn’t changed all that much since it debuted more than a decade ago.

One of the most crucial objectives teams must play for is the Dragon. The Dragon Slayer and Dragon Soul buffs can help winning teams keep leads and snowball the game, or they can help the team that’s behind stage a stunning comeback with their powers.

The problem is that killing the Dragon can take some time, which allows the other team to start a team fight or even steal the Dragon. The only way to solve this issue is to kill the Dragon quickly, which one team did in 0.485 seconds: One League player, ByShoTx, posted a video on Reddit of their team working together to defeat the Dragon in 0.485 seconds, beating the fastest Dragon kill time of 0.532 seconds. 

In the clip, characters like Sion, Nunu, Jhin, and Syndra cluster around the dragon right before it spawns and immediately destroy it. They are all around level four and seem to have abandoned their lanes completely.

Interestingly, only a few days later their time was crushed by another rapid League team, who was able to kill the Dragon in just 0.478 seconds—at least, according to stats site League of Graphs. Interestingly, they did share a similar team composition, with the new leading team choosing Sion, Syndra, Volibear, Jhin, and Varus.

Within the past month, it appears as if more teams are trying to get the fastest Dragon kill. So, if you and your teammates plan on trying this, having Syndra, Sion, and Jhin on your team seems the best way to go.

For the challenge, Dot Esports recommends:

  • Jhin
  • Sion
  • Syndra
  • Volibear
  • Nunu

And don’t forget, keep that League video recording for the high score!

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