League champion and skin sales: June 23 to 26

Unleash the beasts.

Image via Riot Games

New League of Legends champions and skins go on sale tomorrow for the next three days.

Unleash the beasts of war! Volibear, Azir, and Rammus bring some much needed power to the skin and champion sales.

Skin sales occur every three days, offering players an incentive to complete their champion pool or buy a skin they have been debating for some time but never wanted to pay full price for. All sale items are purchasable through the in-game shop.

Here are all of this week’s champion and skin sales.


Thunder Lord Volibear – 260 RP

Unleash your thunderous rage.

Corsair Quinn – 375 RP

Guess it’s the pirate’s life for me.

Dark Valkyrie Diana – 487 RP

Avenge the fallen angels.

Full Metal Rammus – 487 RP

Sonic might have to deal with another metal hedgehog.


Fiddlesticks – 292 RP

This isn’t the scarecrow I asked for!

Cassiopeoa – 440 RP

The daughter of Noxus strikes fear into her enemies.

Azir – 487 RP

Rise for the emperor of Shurima.

Nami – 487 RP

“Oceans! Come forth!”