LNG reverse sweep Anyone’s Legend in 2022 LPL Spring Split, Doinb posts deathless mid lane Zeri game

Doinb flexed his champion ocean once again.

Photo via Riot Games

LNG Esports maintained their flawless start to the 2022 LPL Spring Split today with a reverse sweep of Anyone’s Legend.

In the opening game of this League of Legends series, LNG drafted a composition centered around the late game while AL prioritized control of the early game with picks like Hecarim and Ryze, which created a mobile lineup of champions.

AL jungler Xiaohao smartly prioritized his pressure on the top side due to Zeri’s ability to escape ganks. His presence in the top side helped AL accumulate a lead in the top and mid lanes, and even with Zeri’s scaling, LNG were unable to do anything against the mobility of Ryze and Hecarim.

Throughout the game, LNG were too far behind to make a comeback. Xiahao went on to dominate the remainder of the game, ending with a scoreline of 7/0/17. The jungler was involved in 24 out of 26 of AL’s kills to help his squad take the first game. 

After their game one loss, LNG decided to play around the Zeri once again. But it was eventually revealed that this pick wasn’t for AD carry Light. Instead, Zeri was played in the mid lane by Doinb.

With their perfect record on the line, Doinb popped off on the Spark of Zaun. Even though AL got first blood early on, it was quickly mitigated because of the mid lane Zeri and Doinb’s ability to pilot the pick. As LNG continued to press their advantage, AL lost control of the game. Doinb ended his first game on Zeri mid 11/0/4 and LNG brought the series to a game three with a 24-minute victory.

In the final game, LNG managed to mitigate an early lead from the side of AL and closed out the series ender at 31 minutes. This time, it was LNG ADC Light who was the star of the game on Zeri.

Zeri once again showcased her dominance in the competitive League meta. LNG flexed her in both mid and bot and she was the driving force behind the squad’s victory today.

With this win, LNG are now 7-0 in the 2022 LPL Spring Split. They’ll look to take down Royal Never Give Up on Feb. 20 to end the first half of the split 8-0.

For AL, this loss drops them down to 3-6 in the regular season. But since the Lunar New Year break, they’ve looked much better as a team. AL will try to bounce back against a weaker Bilibili Gaming on Feb. 19.