Liquid streamer Broxah shows off Lee Sin mechanics in flashy 3-vs-1 skirmish

The veteran's still got it.

Photo via Riot Games

Although League of Legends streamer Broxah hasn’t played on the professional stage since last summer, his mechanics are still precise. A clip from his Twitch stream earlier today showcased just how lethal the All-Pro jungler can be on one of the game’s most mechanically intensive champions, Lee Sin. 

The clip began with Broxah being chased by three enemy assailants—a Viego, Janna, and LeBlanc—on the opposite side of the Baron pit. While running away from the trio of chasing enemies, Broxah hit the closest target, the Viego player, with a point-blank Sonic Wave (Q) before placing a ward in the Baron pit and using Safeguard (W) to dash to it. With Sonic Wave still active on the Viego player, Broxah pressed Q again to use Resonating Strike on them, dealing damage and getting back in range of the enemy team. 

Shortly after, Broxah used Dragon’s Rage (R) on the Viego player to knock them back into their teammates, striking all three enemies with the ability and turning the fight back in his favor, despite the three-vs-one disadvantage. Broxah then used Lee Sin’s Sonic Wave/Resonating Strike combo two more times on the enemy Janna, ward-hopping in between casts to evade the enemy damage-dealers. The percent-missing-health damage that the ability deals was enough to take down the enemy support altogether and allow Broxah to focus his efforts on the rest of the enemy team. 

With the LeBlanc player turning tail and retreating toward the mid lane, Broxah flashed forward and landed another long-range Sonic Wave, his fourth of the skirmish, closing the gap on the enemy LeBlanc. The ability’s follow-up execution damage via Resonating Strike took out the LeBlanc player outright and Broxah improved his scoreline in the game to a mark of 11/2/5.  

The enemy Viego player, who proved to be the biggest thorn in Broxah’s side during the early portions of the skirmish, was able to get away from the fight. But Broxah’s team still went on to win the game, according to League game-tracking site