Legends of Runeterra servers are now live

It’s finally here.

Screengrab via Riot Games

After nearly a month since Legends of Runeterra’s first round of beta testing, the second preview patch has finally arrived.

As promised, LoR developers launched a five-day test period for the digital card game today. Players can try out the new Expeditions draft mode while getting acquainted with the updates to over 40 cards from the last patch.

The second preview patch will run from today until Nov. 19 at 10am CT, according to Riot Games’ FAQ, so players have plenty of time to Final Spark their way to victory.

LoR’s second beta introduces Expeditions, which takes inspiration from other card games, like Hearthstone’s Arena. But rather than having players choose one card from a selection of three, fans pick bundles that contain multiple cards. And deck building doesn’t end once the draft is complete. Fans will continue picking up cards, or trading for better ones, after each Expeditions match.

To join Expeditions, yesterday’s patch notes revealed changes to over 40 cards. Champions like Lux and Garen were restrictive and underwhelming. Devs adjusted them a bit to give them a place in anyone’s deck. Draven and Shen, on the other hand, were overpowering players and needed to be tuned down.

LoR is slated for an official release in early 2020.