This lucky Lee Sin player somehow predicted Flash to earn first blood in League

That's how you start the game.

Image via Riot Games

There’s no better way to begin your League of Legends match than with a level-one kill, especially if it’s earned in a flashy way.

A Lee Sin player on League‘s subreddit started their game in such a way. In a clip posted on the platform, the Blind Monk predicted the enemy’s Flash, catching them with Sonic Wave, and then finished them off with Resonating Strike.

At the beginning of the clip, the player simply entered the upper river from his side of the jungle and dropped a Stealth Ward in one of the bushes. The enemy Graves knew the trinket was there, so he decided to try to invade from another entrance, where Lee Sin’s ally, Irelia, was waiting. The Blade Dancer caught him with a Flawless Duet and lowered his health low enough alongside Lee and Viktor so that Graves was forced to run.

The Outlaw chose to run to the Blue Sentinel area, where he flashed through the wall to escape. Unfortunately for him, the play was predicted by Lee Sin, who threw out Sonic Wave, which resulted in Graves flashing directly onto the ability. This resulted in the Blind Monk grabbing first blood and receiving a bunch of question marks from his teammates, probably from the awe of such a perfect play.

A perfect start to a game like this often begins a snowball that the enemies won’t be able to stop. And the case was no different this time. Lee Sin’s team won the game in less than 40 minutes, according to OP.GG. The Blind Monk was the second most-impactful champion in his team team, dealing more than 25,800 damage in the game.