Learn item combos and more with this handy Teamfight Tactics in-game overlay app

You won't need a cheat sheet for TFT after this.

Image via Riot Games

Both pros and amateurs of Teamfight Tactics have used a cheat sheet at least once when learning all of the champion and item combinations in the game. But now, a new overlay tool can help you learn all of these without having to alt-tab out of the match.

Created by the team behind TFTactics—a TFT item and champion composition building website—this new tool puts an overlay on top of your TFT game that gives you all the information you need on item recipes, champion information, and even real-time rolling chances.

Image via TFTactics.gg

In fact, the rolling chance tracker might be one of the most useful parts of the tool, outside of the item cheat sheet and composition builder. It’s really important to know what percentage you have of rolling certain cost units because it can dictate what your team will end up looking like based on which champions you’ll be able to roll for.

The tool also brings a database that you can use to build possible team compositions, item combinations, and check champion abilities, stats, and traits. You can even pin a specific team composition—like Blademasters or Nobles—in the top-left of your screen, just in case you need to remind yourself which champions belong to a certain class or origin.

Image via TFTactics.gg

Ultimately, this tool can be very useful for people who are trying to get into TFT or for anyone who’s forgetful and can’t remember the numerous champion and item combinations in the game. Try it out and see if it helps you get first place in more of your matches.