League’s Worlds 2020 Clash Event has stakes “higher than ever” and a 16-team bracket

Start prepping now—the tournament kicks off Oct. 10.

Image via Riot Games

If League of Legends Clash tournaments weren’t high-pressured enough, the Worlds 2020 Clash Event should be even more intense.

Riot broke down the upcoming tournament in today’s blog, explaining that the “stakes are higher than ever with larger brackets and bigger rewards.” Worlds Clash will be held twice on back-to-back weekends, starting Oct. 10 and 11 followed by Oct. 17 and 18.

Screengrab via Riot Games

Because the bracket is being increased to include 16 teams, Victory Point (VP) gains will also jump up. There will be one trophy, four victory banners themed around the Worlds event and Elemental Drakes, and two unique logos up for grabs.

And teams will have the opportunity to earn champion skin permanents and Worlds loot orbs with Premium Tickets, as well as the standard rewards usually offered. Squads that place eighth through 15th will get a Championship Skin Shard, while those who place between first through seventh will get a Championship Skin Permanent. Players who get first place will also receive a Worlds Orb regardless of which ticket they use (basic or premium).

Teams can sign up for Weekend One on Monday, Oct. 5 and Weekend Two on Monday, Oct. 12.