League’s NA Ranked Solo/Duo and Flex queues are disabled

Now what do we do?

Image via Riot Games

It appears that the League of Legends ranked grind may have to wait until later.

Riot Games has disabled League’s NA Ranked Solo/Duo and Flex queues until 11am CT today, according to the company’s Service Status page. Developers were running maintenance on the game from 5am to 8am CT and it appears that ranked queues may have needed more work done.

Screengrab via Riot Games

Ranked queues for autobattler Teamfight Tactics seem to also be down for maintenance.

Despite not being able to get the same competitive rush from ranked, all other queues are available. League players can jump into a normal game, ARAM, or duel each other in one-vs-one custom matches.

Riot disabled the Career Stats feature on March 23 to “perform necessary maintenance on the service.” It appears that the company is taking the initiative to fix the League client, which has been the bane of many players’ matchmaking experience.

Riot will likely update the Service Status page, as well as provide a notification on the League client, when ranked queues are up and running again.