‘Extremely underwhelming’: League’s latest cinematic leaves sour taste in fans’ mouths

The community isn't pleased.

Screengrab via Riot Games

League of Legends’ latest cinematic for the start of the 2023 ranked season dropped today, but fans are far from being satisfied with it.

Unlike previous cinematics that kicked off the year, this one doesn’t feature any champions from the roster and has no action whatsoever. The fans simply hear a voiceover that talks about moving forward despite great challenges and failures.

“Excuse me? Where are the champions? Where is the song? Where did the budget go?” one fan asked in the YouTube comment section. Another fan added it’s the “worst cinematic from season start one after best one.”

Other fans couldn’t believe Riot Games’ production team produced something as underwhelming as this after creating one of the most exciting cinematics last year. “How can you go from The Call [2022’s cinematic]… to this?” one YouTube comment reads. “After last years ‘The Call’ which was the certified banger of all bangers I really feel like yall gave up on League,” another reads on Twitter.

Meanwhile, fans posted memes to react to the video. One of them replied with the infamous red-shirted Diablo fan, who a few years ago unironically asked if the developers were making an early April Fool’s joke, implying today’s cinematic could be some sort of elaborate joke.

The Reddit comment section wasn’t soft on Riot either. “Wow! That was extremely underwhelming,” one fan said. “I didn’t know our cinematic budget shrunk 1000 percent,” another added.


Mateusz Miter
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