League’s 2021 Championship skin revealed for Jarvan IV

Jarvan IV will become the first League champion to have both a Victorious and Championship skin.

Image via Riot Games

This year’s League of Legends World Championship will be commemorated with a limited release “Championship” skin for Jarvan IV. 

Each year, Riot Games releases a special skin in League to mark the game’s annual World Championship. The tradition began in 2012 when Riot released a Championship edition skin for Riven during the game’s second World Championship. Since then, Championship skins have been released for Thresh, Shyvana, Kalista, Zed, Ashe, Kha’Zix, Ryze, and, most recently, LeBlanc. 

Championship Jarvan IV will make use of the skin line’s thematic elements, which have traditionally included a blue, gold, and silver color scheme, in addition to esports-focused props and designs throughout. 

For example, Jarvan’s ultimate, Cataclysm (R), summons a wall of silver and blue dragons around him when it’s cast. Plus, Jarvan’s recall animation with the skin equipped is meant to resemble a sapphire and silver throne akin to the colors of the Summoner’s Cup—the trophy awarded to the team that wins the League World Championship. 

Jarvan IV will become the first champion on the League roster to earn both a Championship and Victorious skin, the latter of which is awarded to players who reach the Gold rank or higher during a given competitive season. A Victorious skin was released for Gold-or-higher players at the end of the 2011 ranked League season. Now, 10 years later, another Jarvan skin will mark the end of the 2021 professional season. 

Riot has not yet announced a release date for Championship Jarvan. Judging by history, though, Championship skins have almost always been released during the last week of September, just in time for Worlds to kick off. 

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